What is a Neighbourhood Plan?

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A Neighbourhood Plan is a document, that is produced by the community, that once accepted has statutory powers to influence planning decisions. It defines what local people value, want to conserve and enhance and further develop in terms of land use and further development in their area.

It also provides a historical and pictorial record of our community and sets out to document, what makes Portland so special.

Once adopted, Weymouth and Portland Borough Council, as our Local Planning Authority, will have to take notice of the planning considerations enshrined within our plan.

The Portland Plan – Background

The Portland Plan, from the distance. (photo: Image Science and Analysis Laboratory, NASA-Johnson Space Center. )

Several working groups have already started working on capturing the evidence based information and holding public events that have begun to create the early stages of the Portland Plan.

We will need to establish more working parties of keen and willing local volunteers to assist us in collating this data and helping us to properly consult with all strands of our community and its interested parties or specialist interest groups.

The really important thing is that we are able to involve a significant number of residents and businesses in the Plan.

Portland Plan Consultation

The Portland Plan Consultation runs until 12th January 2018. Below is a calendar if you want to come along to one of the information events.

Latest News

Portland Plan Timeline

On the Portland Plan background page, you can see a timeline covering all key events in the history of the plan, with links to relevant documents. 

Heritage & Character Study

The latest draft for the Portland Heritage & Character Study, is now available for you to view / comment on. Consultation until 9th July 2017.

Portland Economic Vision

The Economic Vision for Portland is being developed in tandem with the Portland Neighbourhood Plan. Visit the Portland Community Partnership website for the latest.


Portland Plan meetings take place as part of the Portland Town Council schedule. All Portland Town Council meetings are available on their website.